Vyommitra: Woman Robot Astronaut Prepares for Liftoff

Woman Robot Astronaut “Vyommitra” will fly into Space ahead of ISRO’s “Gaganyaan” mission, in the third quarter of this year.

Vyommitra, named for “space friend,” isn’t just a robot; she’s India’s stepping stone to human spaceflight. This female robot astronaut will fly solo in 2024, testing tech for the “Gaganyaan” mission, India’s first human spaceflight in 2025.

Vyommitra’s Mission:

  • Monitor & Alert: She’ll keep tabs on the spacecraft’s environment, alerting scientists of any issues.
  • Basic Tasks: Operating panels and responding to simple questions showcase human-robot collaboration potential.
  • Paving the Way: By testing life support, communication, and the spacecraft itself, Vyommitra ensures a smooth journey for future astronauts.


  • Testing Ground: Gathers crucial data before humans fly, ensuring their safety and mission success.
  • Tech Validation: Validates technologies vital for human spaceflight, paving the path for advancements.
  • Inspiration for All: This mission ignites passion for science, technology, and space exploration in young minds.

Q: What is the name of the woman robot astronaut that will fly into space ahead of ISRO’s “Gaganyaan” mission?

a. Vyomnaut
b. Gaganyaatri
c. Vyommitra
d. Astronautila

Ans : c. Vyommitra

Q: What specific functions will Vyommitra perform to ensure a smooth journey for future astronauts?

a. Operating panels and responding to simple questions
b. Testing life support and communication systems
c. Piloting the spacecraft
d. Conducting scientific experiments

Ans : b. Testing life support and communication systems

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