17-day long rescue operation in Uttarakhand ends in success with safe evacuation of all 41 workers

A 17-day multi-agency rescue operation in Uttarakhand successfully concluded on November 28, 2023, with the safe evacuation of 41 workers trapped in the Silkyari tunnel.

  1. The tunnel collapse occurred on the 12th November 2023 due to a landslide during its construction, trapping the workers inside.
  2. The trapped workers were supplied with essential provisions such as dry food, meals, oxygen, and communication instruments through dedicated pipelines during the operation.
  3. On the 17th day, all 41 workers were successfully taken out of the tunnel, and Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami welcomed them with garlands.
  4. The workers are reported to be in good health and are currently receiving care at the Community Health Center at Chinyalisaur.
  5. The successful outcome of the rescue operation was attributed to the swift and diligent actions of various central and state government agencies, with unwavering cooperation from the Center and continuous communication from the Prime Minister.

Q: What was the cause of of the 17-day-long multi-agency rescue operation in Uttarakhand in November?

  • a) Earthquake
  • b) Tunnel collapse due to a landslide
  • c) Flood
  • d) Industrial accident

Ans : b) Tunnel collapse due to a landslide

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