Ad Hoc committee to supervise operations of Wrestling Federation of India

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has formed an Ad Hoc committee on December 27, 2023 to observe and supervise the operations of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI).

  • Bhupinder Singh Bajwa is appointed as the Chairman of the committee, with MM Somaya and Manjusha Kanwar as Members.
  • It will handle tasks such as athlete selection and submitting entries for athletes to participate in international events.
  • The IOA’s decision to form the committee stems from its findings that the recently appointed President and officials of WFI made arbitrary decisions violating constitutional provisions.
  • The IOA accuses WFI officials of overturning rulings made by the IOA-appointed ad hoc committee without following due process.
  • The IOA asserts that this situation not only indicates a governance gap within the Federation but also represents a noticeable departure from established norms.

Q: Why did the IOA form the Ad Hoc committee for the Wrestling Federation of India?

  • a) To organize the Olympics
  • b) Due to arbitrary decisions by WFI officials
  • c) To handle marketing tasks
  • d) To appoint new athletes

Ans : b) Due to arbitrary decisions by WFI officials

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