Aircraft With Indians Held In France For Days Lands In Mumbai

An Airbus A340, operated by Romania’s Legend Airlines, carrying 276 passengers, mostly Indians, landed in Mumbai on 26 Dec 2023, after a four-day detention in France.

  • The detention in France was due to suspected human trafficking allegations, and the French authorities launched a probe into the purpose of the trip.
  • The charter plane was detained upon landing in Vatry on 22 Dec 2023.
  • French authorities confirmed 276 passengers boarded the plane, while 25 individuals, including two minors, sought asylum in France.
  • The flight’s connection to Nicaragua raised concerns, given the surge in Indians attempting to enter the US illegally, with a significant increase recorded in the fiscal year 2023.
  • The grounding of the flight was prompted by a tip-off suggesting the passengers were likely victims of human trafficking.
  • The plane, a charter service from Dubai, was grounded at the airport near Paris, and the investigation is now under the jurisdiction of France’s anti-organised crime unit, JUNALCO.
  • If proven, human trafficking carries severe consequences in France, with a potential sentence of up to 20 years.

Q: Why was the Airbus A340, a charter plane carrying mostly Indians detained in France?

  • A. Mechanical issues
  • B. Suspected human trafficking allegations
  • C. Passport verification
  • D. Weather-related concerns

Ans : B. Suspected human trafficking allegations

Q: What was the destination of the chartered flight detained in France for suspected human trafficking allegations?

A. Mumbai
B. Dubai
C. Nicaragua
D. Paris

C. Nicaragua

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