BRICS Summit 2023: PM Modi announced “India’s support for the expansion of BRICS”

During the 15th BRICS Summit’s open plenary session in Johannesburg on August 23, 2023, Modi praised BRICS for its significant achievements over approximately two decades.

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need to make BRICS future-ready by preparing the respective societies for the future.
  2. He highlighted the importance of technology in achieving this goal.
  3. Modi called for the support of all BRICS countries to include the African Union in the G20.
  4. India suggested various ideas to reshape the BRICS agenda, including a railway research network, close cooperation among MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), online BRICS databases, and support for start-up firms.
  5. PM Modi announced that India’s support for the expansion of BRICS
  6. Modi proposed collaboration with the BRICS Space Exploration Consortium, focusing on space research and weather monitoring.

Q.: In which South African city is the BRICS Summit 2023 being held?

a) Johannesburg
b) Cape Town
c) Durban
d) Pretoria

Ans : a) Johannesburg

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