Champai Soren-led JMM-Congress alliance government wins trust vote in Jharkhand

The JMM-Congress-RJD alliance government, led by Champai Soren, secured a victory in the trust vote on February 5, 2024, in the Jharkhand State Assembly.

  1. The Floor Test resulted in a majority of 47 votes in favor of the motion out of the total 81 members in the Assembly.
  2. Opposition to the motion included 29 legislators, while one JMM and one BJP legislator, Ramdas Soren & Indrajit Mahatha, were absent due to prolonged illness.
  3. Independent MLA Saryu Roy abstained from voting, and Amit Kumar Mandal remained absent.
  4. The Gandey constituency seat has been vacant since December 2023.
  5. Former Chief Minister and JMM Executive President Hemant Soren were granted permission by the PMLA court to participate in the vote.

Q: Who leads the alliance government that won the trust vote in the Jharkhand State Assembly?

  • A. Hemant Soren
  • B. Champai Soren (Correct)
  • C. Ramdas Soren
  • D. Indrajit Mahatha
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