Christopher Luxon became the Prime Minister of New Zealand

The 2023 New Zealand general election was held on October 14, 2023. The National Party won the election, taking enough seats to form a coalition with its allies on the right wing of politics. The former CEO of Air New Zealand, Christopher Luxon, became the Prime Minister-elect after incumbent Prime Minister Chris Hipkins conceded defeat.

Luxon has emerged as a leader amid the cost of living crisis and three-decade high inflation in New Zealand. He is a conservative politician who has promised tax cuts for middle-income earners and a crackdown on crime. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Luxon for his party’s win in the New Zealand General election.

Q.: Who became the Prime Minister-elect after the 2023 New Zealand general election?

A) Chris Hipkins
B) Christopher Luxon
C) Andrew Fisher
D) George Reid

Ans : B) Christopher Luxon

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