Daily Current Affairs MCQ : 29 February 2024

Daily Current Affairs : 29 February 2024, MCQ questions with detail explanation and extra fact for the preparation of competitive exams.

Daily MCQs : 29 February 2024

Q: Who is the first Indian to receive an honorary Knighthood under King Charles III?

A) Ratan Tata
B) Sachin Tendulkar
C) Sunil Bharti Mittal
D) Naredndra Modi

Detail News Ans : C) Sunil Bharti Mittal

Q. What is the highest honor bestowed by the Sangeet Natak Akademi?

  • a) Sangeet Natak Ratha
  • b) Akademi Purana
  • c) Akademi Ratna (Akademi Fellow)
  • d) Natya Natak Samman
Detail News Ans : c) Akademi Ratna (Akademi Fellow)

Q. What is the name of India’s first human spaceflight program?

  • a) Chandrayaan
  • b) Aditya-1
  • c) Gaganyaan
  • d) LVM3
Detail News Ans : c) Gaganyaan

Q. What is the literal meaning of the word “Gaganyaan” in Sanskrit?

  • a) Lunar Chariot
  • b) Celestial Vehicle
  • c) Solar Probe
  • d) Orbital Station
Detail News Ans : b) Celestial Vehicle

Q. How many astronauts will be part of the first crewed Gaganyaan mission?

  • a) 1
  • b) 2
  • c) 3
  • d) 4
Detail News Ans : c) 3

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