Six eminent personalities named Akademi Fellows or Akademi Ratna by Sangeet Natak Akademi

The Sangeet Natak Akademi, India’s national academy for music, dance, and drama, confers two prestigious awards to recognize and celebrate excellence in the performing arts:

  • Akademi Ratna (Akademi Fellow): This is the highest honor bestowed by the Akademi, limited to a maximum of 40 living individuals.
  • Akademi Puraskar (Akademi Award): This award recognizes outstanding contributions from artists across various performing arts disciplines.

On February 21-22, 2024, the General Council of the Sangeet Natak Akademi selected six eminent personalities as Akademi Fellows (Akademi Ratna):

  1. Vinayak Khedekar (Hindustani classical vocalist): A renowned exponent of the Agra gharana of Hindustani classical music, known for his soulful renditions and mastery of intricate taals.
  2. R. Visweswaran (Kathakali exponent): A prolific Kathakali artist and scholar, he has significantly contributed to the preservation and propagation of this classical dance form from Kerala.
  3. Sunayana Hazarilal (Odissi dancer): A leading Odissi dancer and choreographer, known for her grace, innovative interpretations, and dedication to promoting the dance form globally.
  4. Raja & Radha Reddy (Kuchipudi dancers): This husband-and-wife duo are legendary Kuchipudi dancers and teachers who have revolutionized the art form through their innovative choreography and dedication to its propagation.
  5. Dulal Roy (Folk singer and researcher): A renowned Baul singer and researcher from West Bengal, known for his evocative renditions and commitment to preserving and promoting Baul music, a mystical Bengali folk tradition.
  6. D.P. Sinha (Scholar and administrator): A distinguished scholar and administrator who has made significant contributions to the field of Indian theatre and performing arts through research, writing, and leadership roles.

These six individuals have enriched the Indian cultural landscape through their exceptional talent, dedication, and contributions to their respective art forms. They serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of India’s performing arts tradition.

Q. What is the highest honor bestowed by the Sangeet Natak Akademi?

  • a) Sangeet Natak Ratha
  • b) Akademi Purana
  • c) Akademi Ratna (Akademi Fellow)
  • d) Natya Natak Samman

Ans : c) Akademi Ratna (Akademi Fellow)

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