Exercise Orion in France : Indian Air Force Contingent Departed with Rafale Aircraft

A group of Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel departed to participate in the upcoming Exercise Orion. The exercise is scheduled to take place at the Mont-de-Marsan Air Force Base of the French Air and Space Force. According to the Ministry of Defence, the exercise will be held from the 17th April to the 5th May 2023.

The IAF contingent will consist of 165 air warriors, four Rafale aircraft, two C-17, and two IL-78 aircraft. This will be the first overseas exercise for the IAF’s Rafale aircraft, as per the Ministry. The Exercise Orion will also feature participation from Air Forces of several other countries, including Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States of America.

Question: Where will the Exercise Orion be conducted?
a) Mont-de-Marsan Air Force Base in France
b) Indian Air Force Base in India
c) German Air Force Base in Germany
d) British Air Force Base in the United Kingdom

Answer: a) Mont-de-Marsan Air Force Base in France.

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