Exoskeleton Technology: International Workshop in Bengaluru on April 16-17

The first international workshop on ‘Emerging Technologies and Challenges for Exoskeleton’ took place in Bengaluru on April 16-17.

  • Exoskeleton technology involves wearable structures that enhance human strength.
  • Dr. Samir V Kamat and Lt Gen JP Mathew were notable figures in attendance, representing the Department of Defence R&D, DRDO, and the Integrated Defence Staff.
  • The workshop attracted over 300 attendees from DRDO, Services, Industry, Academia, and Researchers, aiming to advance the development of wearable exoskeleton structures to enhance human capabilities.

Q: What is Exoskeleton Technology?

a) A form of virtual reality gaming equipment
b) Wearable structures that enhance human strength
c) A software used for cybersecurity purposes
d) A method of renewable energy production

Answer: b) Wearable structures that enhance human strength

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