Hijacked Cargo ship ‘MV Lila Norfolk’, rescued by Indian Navy

  1. Cargo ship ‘MV Lila Norfolk’ was hijacked near the coast of Somalia on 4th Jan Night.
  2. All 21 crew members, including 15 Indians, have been rescued and are safe.
  3. MARCOS, elite commandos, of Indian Navy conducted the operation to sanitize the cargo ship.
  4. The hijacking was reported by UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO).
  5. INS Chennai, a navy destroyer, was diverted from anti-piracy patrol to rescue the crew.
  6. The naval warship launched a helicopter and issued a warning to pirates to abandon the hijacked vessel.

Q: Which elite commando unit conducted the operation to rescue the hijacked cargo ship near the coast of Somalia?

a. Navy Seals
c. SAS (Special Air Service)
d. GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group)

Ans : b. MARCOS

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