Hyderabad’s Bowenpally Vegetable Market turns waste into wealth with innovative waste management system

  1. Bowenpally Vegetable Market in Hyderabad has implemented an innovative waste management system that generates bioelectricity, biofuel, and bio-manure from vegetable waste.
  2. Nearly 10 tons of waste is collected every day in the market, which is now the major source of electricity for the vegetable market.
  3. The waste-to-energy plant generates around 500 units of electricity and 30 kg of biofuel every day, providing electricity to streetlights, stalls, an administration building, and the water supply network.
  4. The plant also generates employment for women in various roles such as sorting and segregating waste, operating machinery, and managing administrative tasks.
  5. The waste generated in the market is chopped into smaller pieces, shredded, and sent to anaerobic digesters, which generate biogas and bio-manure as by-products.
  6. The biogas generated is used for cooking and powering cold storage rooms, water pumps, streetlights, and other equipment.
  7. The biogas plant helps reduce the electricity bill by half and the liquid bio-manure is being used as fertilizer in farmers’ fields.
  8. The project has been funded by the Department of Biotechnology and Department of Agriculture marketing Telangana, and executed by the Hyderabad-based Ahuja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd.
  9. The project has been so successful that the Department of Biotechnology has announced further funding to establish five more similar plants in different market yards with varying capacities.

Question: In which state Bowenpally’s Biogas Plant is situated ?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) Telangana
Answer: d) Telangana

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