India receives ‘Measles and Rubella Champion’ Global Award for combating these Diseases

  1. India has been awarded the measles and rubella champion award for its efforts in combating measles and rubella diseases.
  2. The award was received by Ambassador Sripriya Ranganathan on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare at the American Red Cross Headquarters in Washington on March 6th.
  3. The Health Ministry’s statement highlights India’s commitment to public health and leadership in curbing the spread of measles and rubella among children.
  4. Despite challenges, India has made remarkable progress in reducing measles and rubella cases and preventing outbreaks through comprehensive interventions.
  5. The award recognizes the dedication and hard work of frontline health workers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and communities across the nation.
  6. Efforts have resulted in 50 districts not witnessing any measles cases and 226 districts not reporting rubella cases over the past 12 months.
  7. The measles and rubella partnership involves various organizations such as the American Red Cross, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization.
  8. These organizations are dedicated to reducing global measles deaths and preventing rubella illness.

Q: Why did India receive the measles and rubella champion award?

a) For its outstanding leadership in promoting public awareness campaigns.
b) For its remarkable progress in reducing measles and rubella cases.
c) For its significant contributions to healthcare research.
d) For its successful implementation of universal healthcare coverage.

Ans : b) For its remarkable progress in reducing measles and rubella cases.

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