ISRO Moves Chandrayaan Orbiter from Moon to Earth Orbit

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully shifted the Chandrayaan orbiter, also known as the Propulsion Module, from the Moon to Earth.

Previously, ISRO accomplished the historic touchdown of the Vikram lander and the deployment of the Pragyan rover on the lunar surface near the south pole on August 23rd, 2023.

After more than one month of operations in lunar orbit, the Propulsion Module had over 100 kgs of fuel. ISRO decided to utilize the remaining fuel to gather additional information for future lunar missions.

The Propulsion Module was successfully maneuvered to an orbit around Earth. The SHAPE payload on the module will now be utilized for Earth observation.

Q: What historic achievement did ISRO accomplish on August 23rd related to Chandrayaan?

  • a) Successful return to Earth
  • b) Deployment of Pragyan rover
  • c) Historic touchdown of Vikram lander
  • d) Earth observation mission

Ans : c) Historic touchdown of Vikram lander

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