Kolkata Team Emerges Champions in Women’s Kabaddi Tournament in Dubai

Kolkata Team Emerges Champions in Women's Kabaddi Tournament in Dubai

Uma Kolkata Emerges Champions in Historic Women’s Kabaddi Tournament on 28 June 2023 in Dubai. The world’s first international Women’s Kabaddi final featured the Punjab Panthers vs Uma Kolkata teams.

  • Uma Kolkata emerged as champions, winning a grand prize of ₹10,000,000.
  • The Punjab team secured the second position and received a prize of ₹5,000,000.
  • The tournament lasted for 12 days and involved eight teams from India representing different states.
  • Distinguished personalities like Juma Al Madani, Pushyamitra Bhargav, Pradeep Kumar Nehra, Dr. Sunil Manjrekar, and Chandrashekhar Bhatia attended the final ceremony.
  • The event was organized by the Women’s Kabaddi League.
  • The tournament provided a global platform for Indian women Kabaddi players to showcase their skills.
  • The participating teams represented various Indian states, including Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Karnataka.
  • The event promoted cultural exchange and strengthened ties between India and the United Arab Emirates.

Q.: Which team emerged as champions in the world’s first international Women’s Kabaddi final held in Dubai?
A) Punjab Panthers
B) Uma Kolkata
C) Delhi Dynamites
D) Gujarat Angels

Ans : B) Uma Kolkata

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