Mount Ruang Volcano Eruptions: Recent Activity and Impact

Mount Ruang is a 725-meter (2,400-foot) volcano located on Ruang Island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is one of approximately 130 active volcanoes in the country. Ruang island, North Sulawesi, home to 9,800 people, evacuated due to continuous explosive eruptions. Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado closed due to volcanic ash spread.

Recent Eruptions:

  • On April 17, 2024, Mount Ruang erupted.
  • On April 30, 2024, Mount Ruang erupted again, spewing ash almost 2 kilometers (more than a mile) into the sky.
  • The Indonesian geological service raised the alert level of the volcano to the highest level after detecting increased volcanic activity.

Previous Eruptions:

  • Mount Ruang has a history of eruptions dating back to at least 1808.
  • Indonesia situated on the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” an area of high seismic activity.

Q: What is the location of Mount Ruang volcano?

A) Java, Indonesia
B) Bali, Indonesia
C) North Sulawesi, Indonesia
D) Sumatra, Indonesia

Ans : C) North Sulawesi, Indonesia

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