MPhil is no longer a recognized degree : UGC

The University Grant Commission (UGC) has issued a notification cautioning students against pursuing an MPhil degree, as it is no longer recognized. The UGC has prohibited universities from offering the MPhil program, and admissions for the 2023-24 academic year are not allowed.

However, MPhil degrees awarded before the issuance of new regulations in 2022 will remain valid. The UGC emphasizes Regulation No. 14 of the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedures for Award of PhD Degree) Regulations 2022, which explicitly forbids higher educational institutions from offering MPhil programs. The commission had previously declared the MPhil degree illegitimate and instructed institutions not to offer MPhil programs.

Q: Which degree has been derecognized by the UGC ?

  • A. PhD degree
  • B. Bachelor’s degree
  • C. MPhil degree
  • D. Postgraduate diploma

Ans : C. MPhil degree

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