Odysseus: first U.S.-built spacecraft to land on the Moon

Odysseus, built by Intuitive Machines, achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first U.S.-built spacecraft to land on the Moon since Apollo 17 in 1972, marking the first moon landing by a private company.

  1. The spacecraft landed on February 23, 2024, near a crater called Malapert A, about 186 miles from the Moon’s south pole.
  2. The descent was tense due to a last-minute navigation sensor malfunction, but engineers managed to ensure a successful landing.
  3. Communication confirmation was awaited anxiously after touchdown, and a faint signal eventually confirmed Odysseus’ survival, picked up by a communications antenna in the United Kingdom.
  4. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson commended Intuitive Machines, SpaceX (the launch provider for Odysseus), and NASA’s commercial moon program, highlighting the significance of collaboration with private companies.
  5. Two hours after landing, Odysseus began sending data, with the team eagerly anticipating the first images from the lunar surface.

Q: What is the name of the first private spacecraft to land on the Moon?

a) Apollo 11
b) Odyssey
c) Odysseus
d) Artemis

Ans : c) Odysseus

Q: Which private company built the Odysseus spacecraft?

a) SpaceX
b) Intuitive Machines
c) Blue Origin
d) Boeing

Ans : b) Intuitive Machines

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