Daily Current Affairs MCQ : 23 February 2024

Daily Current Affairs : 23 February 2024, MCQ questions with detail explanation and extra fact for the preparation of competitive exams.

Daily MCQs : 23 February 2024

Question: Who emerged as the most popular global leader with a 78% approval rating by Morning Consult 2024?
a) President of Mexico
b) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
c) President of Argentina
d) US President Joe Biden

Correct answer: b) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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Question: What is the total investment in the two new Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station?
a) 20,000 crore rupees
b) 22,500 crore rupees
c) 25,000 crore rupees
d) 30,000 crore rupees

Correct answer: b) 22,500 crore rupees
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Question: How many gram panchayats are expected to benefit from the Bharat Net Phase-II – Gujarat Fibre Grid Network Limited project?
a) Over 5,000
b) Over 6,000
c) Over 7,000
d) Over 8,000

Correct answer: d) Over 8,000
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