Parliament security breach incident on 13 December 2023

On December 13, 2023, two individuals breached security and entered the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery. One of the individuals jumped onto the tables where Members of Parliament (MPs) were seated, releasing a yellow-colored smoke canister, while the other chanted slogans.

  1. The chaotic incident led to the immediate adjournment of the Lok Sabha session at 1 PM.
  2. Following the incident, four individuals were arrested, with two detained inside the Parliament complex and the other two apprehended near Transport Bhavan, adjacent to the Parliament.
  3. In response to the security breach, eight security personnel were suspended in the Lok Sabha, representing various security agencies, including Delhi Police.
  4. The occurrence coincided with the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.

Q: What action did one of the individuals take inside the Lok Sabha chamber?

a. Released a yellow-colored smoke canister
b. Shouted slogans
c. Jumped onto tables
d. All of the above

Ans : d. All of the above

Q: Why was the date 13 December of the security breach significant?

a. Anniversary of India’s independence
b. 22nd anniversary of the 2001 Indian Parliament attack
c. National Sports Day
d. Religious holiday

Ans : b. 22nd anniversary of the 2001 Indian Parliament attack

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