PM-eBus Sewa: Plan to Deploy 10,000 Electric Buses across 169 cities in India

PM-eBus Sewa is a scheme approved by the Cabinet of India on 16 August 2023 to deploy 10,000 electric buses across 169 cities in India . The scheme aims to enhance city bus operations, reduce air pollution, and promote electric mobility in the country .

The scheme will follow a public-private partnership (PPP) model, where the private sector will invest in procuring and operating the e-buses, while the central and state governments will provide financial support and incentives .

The scheme has a total outlay of ₹57,613 crores, out of which ₹20,000 crores will be provided by the central government . The scheme is expected to create employment opportunities, boost localisation of e-bus manufacturing, and save fuel and carbon emissions 

Q.: How many electric buses will be deployed under PM-eBus Sewa scheme?

A) 5,000
B) 10,000
C) 15,000
D) 20,000

Answer: B) 10,000

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