PM Modi and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia discussed India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, on 11 September in New Delhi. The leaders discussed various aspects of bilateral ties and ways to enhance the India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership.

  1. The economic corridor is expected to boost economic growth and digital connectivity across Asia, West Asia, and Europe.
  2. Both leaders co-chaired the first Meeting of the India-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council (SPC) and signed the minutes of the meeting.
  3. The visit of the Crown Prince is part of a three-day state visit to India, during which he attended the 18th G20 Summit.
  4. India and Saudi Arabia have strong economic and socio-cultural ties, with India being the second-largest trade partner for Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia the fourth-largest trading partner for India.
  5. Bilateral trade between the two countries during the Financial Year 2022-23 was valued at over $52 billion, and Saudi direct investments in India exceeded $3 billion.
  6. Energy cooperation is a significant aspect of their relationship, with Saudi Arabia playing a crucial role in ensuring India’s energy security. It remained India’s third-largest source for crude and petroleum products during the Financial Year 2022-23.

Q.: What was the main focus of the discussion between Prime Minister Modi and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia?

a) Cultural exchanges
b) Economic corridor with Europe
c) Sports partnerships
d) Environmental cooperation

Ans : b) Economic corridor with Europe

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