PM Modi to Distribute 51,000 Appointment Letters in Rozgar Mela

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will distribute approximately 51,000 appointment letters to newly recruited individuals on September 26, 2023, through video conferencing.

  1. The distribution of appointment letters will take place during a Rozgar Mela (employment fair) held at 46 locations across the country.
  2. The new recruits come from various parts of the country and will be joining different Ministries and Departments, including the Department of Posts, Atomic Energy, Revenue, Higher Education, and Ministry of Defence, among others.
  3. This initiative is in line with the Prime Minister’s commitment to prioritize employment generation in India.
  4. The Rozgar Mela is expected to play a pivotal role in creating more employment opportunities and empowering youth to participate in national development.

Q.: What is the main objective of the Rozgar Mela as mentioned in the information?

a) To promote cultural activities
b) To distribute government grants
c) To provide career counseling
d) To generate employment opportunities

Ans : d) To generate employment opportunities

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