PM Modi witness “Exercise Bharat Shakti” in Pokhran

On March 12, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi observed the “Bharat Shakti” exercise held in Pokhran. This exercise showcased the capabilities of indigenously manufactured defense weapons as part of the “atma nirbharta” (self-reliance) campaign. The demonstration highlighted the integrated firepower and maneuvering capabilities of the Army, Navy, and Air Force at the Pokhran field firing range.

During the exercise, the indigenous prowess of the three services was demonstrated through a variety of weaponry. The skies reverberated with the sounds of the LCA Tejas and ALH Mk-IV helicopters, showcasing the aerial capabilities. On the ground, main battle tanks such as the Arjun and K-9 Vajra, as well as artillery gun systems like the Dhanush and Sharang, dominated the firing ranges, demonstrating the ground-based firepower.

Q: What is Exercise Bharat Shakti held in Pokhran on 12 March 2024? 

A) A yoga and meditation event held annually in India.
B) A military exercise showcasing indigenous defense capabilities.
C) A cultural festival celebrating India’s rich heritage.
D) A scientific expedition to Antarctica.

Answer: B) A military exercise showcasing indigenous defense capabilities.

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