UAE govt launches ‘Machines Can See 2023’ Summit.

  • The UAE Government launched the ‘Machines Can See 2023’ summit. It is one of the leading international conferences in Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the region, taking place at the Museum of the Future in Dubai in partnership between the Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office and the ‘Machines Can See’ company.
  • The conference aims to bring together experts from around the world to discuss the future of AI and its potential to contribute to the UAE’s vision of creating the next Silicon Valley.
  • The event was organized in collaboration with the Dubai Department of Economic and Tourism and the Dubai Future Foundation. The summit included presentations and panel discussions from various experts in the field of AI.
  • The UAE is the only country with a state-level AI programme, a testimony to its commitment to supporting the advancement of AI technology.

Qns : What is the ‘Machines Can See 2023’ summit?

(A) An international conference on AI in the UAE
(B) A summit for discussing advancements in robotics
(C) A workshop for digital marketing strategies
(D) A part of the G20 meeting

Answer : (A) An international conference on AI in the UAE

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