UK-India Young Professional Scheme : opportunity to live, work or study in the Britain for up to two years

The British government has launched the second ballot under the UK-India Young Professional Scheme, targeting Indians aged between 18 and 30 years with graduate-level qualifications for UK visas.

  1. Eligible young Indians have the opportunity to live, work, or study in the UK for up to two years through this scheme.
  2. To be eligible, an Indian national between 18 to 30 years of age with a graduate or post-graduate qualification can apply for the India Young Professionals Scheme visa.
  3. The Ballot for this scheme closes at 1.30 pm the next day from the time of the announcement.
  4. The joint scheme between the UK and India was launched in February of the current year.
  5. Candidates can enter the UK at any time while their visa is valid and can leave or return anytime during their stay.
  6. As part of the reciprocal arrangement, British nationals will also be offered similar visas to live and work in India.
  7. The scheme has a total of 3,000 places available for the year 2023, with most places already allocated in the first ballot conducted in February.
  8. The remaining places will be randomly selected from the current month’s ballot.
  9. It is free to enter the ballot, but applicants are advised to participate only if they intend to apply for the visa and can meet the financial and other requirements.
  10. Candidates must travel to the UK within six months of applying for their visa.

Question: What is the name of the scheme that offers work visas to young Indians between 18 and 30 years with graduate-level qualifications for the UK?

A) UK-India Graduate Exchange Program
B) UK-India Young Professional Scheme
C) India-UK Study and Work Initiative
D) Youth Mobility Program: India Edition

Answer: B) UK-India Young Professional Scheme

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