United States Presidential Election 2024: Nikki Haley Suspends Campaign, Trump Emerges as Leading Republican Candidate

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Republican candidate, has suspended her 2024 presidential campaign.

  • Donald Trump remains the last major candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination following Haley’s decision.
  • The 2024 United States presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024.
  • President Joe Biden running for re-election as a Democrat and Donald Trump seeking re-election as a Republican.
  • If both Biden and Trump are nominated, it would mark the first presidential rematch since 1956, with Trump becoming the first former president on the ballot since 1912.

Q: Who remains as the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination after Nikki Haley’s exit?

a) Joe Biden
b) Nikki Haley
c) Donald Trump
d) Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Ans : c) Donald Trump

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