World Health Day:  7th April

World Health Day, celebrated annually on  7th April, and holds significant importance in the global health calendar.

Key points about World Health Day:

Origins and Purpose:

  • The day commemorates the founding of WHO and aims to raise awareness about critical health issues.
  • The World Health Assembly in 1948 decided to observe April 7th each year as World Health Day, starting from 1950 .

Theme for World Health Day 2024: “My Health, My Right”:

The theme for World Health Day 2024 is “My health, my right.”

Q: What is the theme for World Health Day 2024?

A) “Healthy Living, Happy Life”
B) “My Health, My Right”
C) “Global Wellness Awareness”
D) “Healthcare for All”

Ans : B) “My Health, My Right”

Q: When is World Health Day celebrated annually?

A) March 8th
B) April 7th
C) May 1st
D) June 15th

Ans : B) April 7th

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