World Homoeopathy Day is observed annually on April 10th

World Homoeopathy Day is observed annually on April 10th to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.

History of Homeopathy: In ancient times, Dr. Hahnemann experimented with quinine’s symptoms, laying the foundation for individualized treatment. Developed a holistic approach that became modern homeopathy’s cornerstone.

Significance of World Homoeopathy Day: World Homoeopathy Day honors the work of German physician and chemist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann on his birth anniversary.

Theme for World Homoeopathy Day 2024: “Homeoparivar: One Health, One Family.” It emphasizes the holistic approach of homeopathy, considering the well-being of both individuals and families.

Q: When is World Homoeopathy Day observed annually?

a) April 1st
b) April 10th
c) May 5th
d) June 15th

Ans : b) April 10th

Q: Who is honored on World Homoeopathy Day?

a) Dr. Albert Einstein
b) Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
c) Dr. Louis Pasteur
d) Dr. Sigmund Freud

Ans : b) Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

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