World’s first 100 percent Ethanol-fueled car launched by Nitin Gadkari

The world’s first 100 percent ethanol-fueled variant of Toyota’s Innova car has been launched by Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on 29 August 2023 in New Delhi. This world’s first electrified flex-fuel vehicle, featuring BS-VI (Stage-II) compliance can function fully on ethanol-based fuel.

  1. Benefits of Ethanol Blended Fuel: The adoption of ethanol blended is beneficial for the agriculture sector’s growth and reducing the country’s dependence on oil imports.
  2. Ethanol Blending Achievements: India achieved 10 percent ethanol blending ahead of the initial target of 2022.

What is Flex Fuel Technology

Flex fuel technology allows engines to use ethanol-blended petrol or gasoline beyond 20 percent, aiming to reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable mobility, and decrease dependency on traditional fuels.

Q.: What is the key feature of the world’s first ethanol-fueled car launched by Nitin Gadkari?

a) It’s the fastest car ever built
b) It can run on multiple types of fuels simultaneously
c) It functions entirely on ethanol-based fuel
d) It’s a self-driving car

Ans : c) It functions entirely on ethanol-based fuel

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