Wrestling Federation of India Faces Suspension by Sports Ministry Over Numerous Violations

  • The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) faces suspension by the Sports Ministry for multiple violations.
  • Newly elected WFI President, Sanjay Singh, suspended after hastily announcing U-15 and U-20 nationals in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Ministry criticizes the decision for lack of notice to wrestlers and non-compliance with WFI constitution.
  • Accusation that the new body is influenced by former office bearers, violating the Sports Code.
  • Operations allegedly run from premises linked to previous sexual harassment allegations, currently in court.
  • WFI instructed to suspend all activities pending further orders from the Ministry.

Question: Why was the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) suspended by the Sports Ministry?
a. Lack of funding
b. Multiple violations
c. Administrative efficiency
d. Athlete doping issues

Answer: b. Multiple violations

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