4-day millet festival started from 13 May in Dehradun.

  • In Uttarakhand, a four-day millet festival (Shri Anna Mahotsav) will begin in Dehradun from 13th May to create public awareness about the health benefits of millets and deliberate on the state’s potential to grow crops in this category.
  • Agriculture ministers, scientists and farmers of other states including Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar will participate in the Anna Mahotsav.
  • The four-day deliberations are aimed at attracting more and more people towards millet production, which is to be doubled by 2025.
  • Uttarakhand’s Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi told that there will be a discussion on millet production in the festival. Through this festival, the farmers of the state will be encouraged to cultivate millet.
  • The state government has made a provision of Rs 73 crore for the promotion of millet in this financial year. The aim of the government is that farmers produce more coarse grains so that their economy can be strengthened.

Qns : What is the aim of the Uttarakhand government in promoting millet production?

(A) To improve the health of the farmers
(B) To attract more tourists to the state
(C) To strengthen the economy of the farmers
(D) None of the above

Answer : (C) To strengthen the economy of the farmers

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