CoWIN Platform Data Breach Issue

CoWIN Platform

CoWIN (COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) is a robust digital platform developed by the Government of India to facilitate the nationwide vaccination drive against COVID-19. Launched in early 2021, CoWIN has played a pivotal role in streamlining the vaccine distribution process, ensuring equitable access to vaccines for the country’s vast population. The platform enables users to register for vaccination, schedule appointments, and receive digital vaccination certificates. It also provides real-time data on vaccine availability, vaccination centers, and slots, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their immunization. CoWIN has proven to be a crucial tool in the fight against the pandemic, enabling efficient vaccine administration and tracking of vaccination coverage across India.

Data Breach Report from CoWIN Platform

There was a report in media that A data breach has occurred on the CoWIN portal, the government-run Covid vaccination platform in India. Personal information of Indian citizens, including high-profile political leaders, has been exposed on Telegram. The leaked data includes sensitive details such as PAN numbers and Aadhaar numbers, which were provided by individuals as part of their vaccination registration process on the CoWIN platform. The breach allows access to information such as the ID card number used for vaccination, gender, birth year, the name of the vaccination center, and the number of doses received. This breach raises concerns about the privacy and security of personal data on the CoWIN platform.

India Government Clarification

The Government has denied media reports of a data breach in the CoWIN platform and stated that such claims are baseless and mischievous. The Health Ministry has affirmed that the CoWIN portal, which belongs to the Ministry, is entirely secure and incorporates sufficient measures to protect data privacy. The Ministry highlighted the presence of security measures such as Web Application Firewall, Anti-DDoS, SSL and TLS, regular vulnerability assessments, and Identity and Access Management. Additionally, it emphasized that data access is only granted through OTP authentication, ensuring secure access to information on the platform.

Question : What is CoWIN platform?
a) A social media platform
b) A government-run Covid vaccination portal
c) An e-commerce platform
d) A weather forecasting platform

Answer: b) A government-run Covid vaccination portal

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