Current Affairs 2024 PDF in English (Month-wise)

Monthly Current Affairs 2024 PDF in English for free download for Competitive exams. Month wise GK Now Current affairs magazine with latest update, events, news and MCQs useful for the students preparing for UPSC, SSC, Bank examinations.

“current affairs” refers to the latest events, developments, and news of national and international significance. These exams often include a dedicated section or paper focusing on current affairs to assess candidates’ awareness of the world around them.

Download : Monthly Current Affairs 2024 PDF

Current Affairs PDF – February 2024

GK Now Monthly Magazine
Edition : February 2024
From 1 Jan. 2024 to 31 Jan. 2024
Medium : English
Pages : 73

Current Affairs PDF – January 2024

GK Now Monthly Magazine
Edition : January 2024
From 1 Dec 2023 to 31 Dec 2023
Medium : English
Pages : 69

Current Affairs PDF – December 2023

GK Now Monthly Current Affairs Magazine (English)
Edition : December 2023
Current Affairs 1 to 30 November 2023
Medium : English
PDF Pages : 86

Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

Key aspects of current affairs in the context of UPSC and SSC competitive exams include:

  1. National and International News: Candidates are expected to be aware of major events and news related to politics, governance, economy, environment, science and technology, sports, etc., both at the national and international levels.
  2. Government Policies and Initiatives: Knowledge of recent government policies, schemes, and initiatives is crucial. This includes understanding the objectives, implementation, and impact of these programs.
  3. Economic and Social Issues: Awareness of economic indicators, social issues, and their current status is essential. This may include topics like poverty, unemployment, inflation, GDP growth, and social welfare programs.
  4. Science and Technology Developments: Keeping up with advancements in science and technology, including breakthroughs, discoveries, and innovations, is important.
  5. Environment and Ecology: Knowledge about environmental issues, conservation efforts, climate change, and ecological concerns is often tested.
  6. International Relations: Understanding diplomatic relations between countries, global summits, treaties, and international organizations is a significant component.
  7. Sports and Awards: Familiarity with recent sports events, winners, and awards is also relevant.

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