Discovery of Ancient Stone Wall in Baltic Sea, Potentially Over 10,000 Years Old

  1. Discovery of Ancient Stone Wall:
    • Researchers have found a stone wall off the German coast in the Baltic Sea.
    • The wall is approximately 1 kilometer long.
    • It is situated around 10 kilometers from the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany.
    • Discovered at a depth of 21 meters in the Baltic Sea.
  2. Potential Age of the Structure:
    • The wall may be more than 10,000 years old.
    • If confirmed, it could be the oldest man-made structure in the Baltic Sea region.
  3. Characteristics of the Wall:
    • Comprises almost 1,700 stones, mostly tennis and football-sized.
    • Stones are generally under a meter in height.
  4. Geographical Change Over Time:
    • The area was flooded around 8,500 years ago, transforming it from dry land to underwater.
    • Before submersion, the location was likely dry land.
  5. Purpose of the Wall:
    • Researchers theorize that the wall was constructed for hunting purposes.
    • Specifically, it may have been built to trap Reindeer.
  6. Comparisons with Other Discoveries:
    • Similar constructions for Reindeer hunting have been found in Lake Michigan in the United States.
  7. Significance of Discovery:
    • The potential age and purpose of the stone wall make it a significant archaeological find in the Baltic Sea region.

Q: Where was the recently discovered ancient stone wall located?

  • A. Pacific Ocean
  • B. Baltic Sea
  • C. Mediterranean Sea
  • D. North Sea

Ans : B. Baltic Sea

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