Dubai to have world’s first air taxi, agreements signed at World Government Summit 2024

Dubai has signed agreements at the World Government Summit 2024 to launch the world’s first air taxi service. Agreements pave the way for the deployment of a city-wide electric aerial taxi service and vertiport network in Dubai.

  1. Joby Aviation S4 Aircraft:
    • The initiative centers around the Joby Aviation S4, an innovative aircraft designed for four passengers and a pilot.
    • The S4 features six propellers and is powered by four battery packs.
    • It has a maximum range of 161 km and a top speed of 321 km per hour.
  2. Urban-Friendly Features:
    • Vertical take-off and landing capabilities make the S4 ideal for urban settings, minimizing space requirements and reducing noise pollution compared to helicopters.
  3. Benefits of the Air Taxi Project:
    • Promises reduced noise levels, zero operating emissions, and enhanced passenger convenience.
    • Aims for efficiency, safety, and sustainability in urban transportation.
  4. Integration into Urban Landscape:
    • Aerial vehicles aim to seamlessly integrate into Dubai’s urban landscape, providing swift and eco-friendly transportation solutions.
  5. Electric-Powered and Rechargeable:
    • The electric-powered aircraft can be swiftly recharged between flights, contributing to sustainability goals.
  6. Operational Commencement:
    • The air-taxi network is set to commence operations in 2026, marking a significant milestone in Dubai’s efforts to redefine urban mobility.

Q: What city is launching the world’s first air taxi service?

A) Singapore
B) Dubai
C) Tokyo
D) New York

Ans : B) Dubai

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