Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is famous for the food varieties and tasty food it offers. Due to present of different culture in Uttar Pradesh many different food habits and different type of dishes can be find. Every dish in Uttar Pradesh is mouth watery. Here we are providing you with a list Uttar Pradesh Famous food. Their taste makes this dishes famous. Uttar Pradesh should be in bucket list of people to have the flavor of the dishes.

Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

famous food of uttar pradesh

Chaat : Chaat is a mixture of potato vegies , Chola, Bhel (Namkeen)and Aloo Tiki (similar to the Tiki used in burger ) popular variants included Alu Tikkis or Samosa (garnished with onion, potatoes, coriander, peas, hot spices and a dash of yogurt), Bhel puri, Dahi puri, Panipuri, Dahi vada, Papri chaat, and Sev puri.

Biryani : It is made with rice, some type of meat for non- veg people(chicken, goat, pork, lamb, beef, prawn, or fish) and spices. For vegetarians, it is prepared by substituting vegetables or paneer for the meat.

Boondi : It is made from fried chickpea flour. It is taken as dessert.

Dum bhindi : Potato and fried Ladyfinger .

Egg curry: Egg in a tomato curry.

Kofta: stuffed vegetables in a Calabash.

Litti chokha: Stuffed protein food in wheat cover.

Pakora: Fried bread ,

Palak paneer: Spinach gravy and paneer .

Tehri: Rice cooked with a little amount of turmeric adding to the flavour.

Poori: Oil and Wheat is mixed . Then slices are made and fried in oil and the poori is just delicious.

Raita: Tomato , Onion and Calabash peals are added in curd and mixed till the curd become smooth.

Rajma: Red kidney beas are made in a Tomato, Onion Curry.

Chole : chickpea are made in a Tomato, Onion Curry.

Petha : This is eaten as dessert it is sweet and made from pumpkin.

Other items

  • Pasanda paneer 
  • Samosa
  • Shab deg 
  • Kalmi kebab
  • Shami kabab 

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