First Bulgarian author wins International Booker Prize.

  • Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov won the 2023 International Booker Prize for his novel “Time Shelter”.
  • The novel was translated into English by Angela Rodel and is the first Bulgarian novel to win the International Booker Prize.
  • “Time Shelter” is a captivating and remarkable literary work that explores themes of time, identity, and the human experience.

International Booker Prize :

The International Booker Prize is an international literary prize held in the United Kingdom. The launch of the International Prize was announced in June 2004 as a complement to the Man Booker Prize. Sponsored by the Man Group, from 2005 to 2015 the prize was awarded every two years to a living author of any nationality for a work published in English or generally available in English translation.

Qns : Which author won the 2023 International Booker Prize for his novel “Time Shelter”?

(A) Niel Gaiman
(B) Salman Rushdie
(C) Georgi Gospodinov
(D) None of the above

Ans : (C) Georgi Gospodinov

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