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First in World GK PDF for Competitive Exams for free download. List of 1st Male and Female achieved any thing specific important for Static General Knowledge / Studies are provided below:

First in World Male 

S.NoFirst in World Male Names 
 1First Amercian President to visit IndiaDwight David Eisenhower
 2First blind man to scale Mount EverestEric Weihenmayer
 3First Chief of Air StaffAir Marshal Sir Thomas Elmhirst
 4First Chief of Army StaffGeneral Maharaj Rajendra Singh Ji
 5First country to win football World cupUruguay
 6First Cricketer to get Padma BhushanC Naidu
 7First Ethnic-Indian Prime Minister of Fiji Mahendra Choudhary
First European invader of Indian soilAlexander, The Great
 9First European to visit chinaMarcopolo
 10First Field Marshal of India SHFJ Manekshaw
11 First Governor-General of IndiaWilliam Bentinck
 12First Home Minister of IndiaSardar Vallabhbhai Patel
 13First Indian Air Chief MarshalAir Marshal Subroto Mukerjee OBE
 14First Indian Air Chief MarshalSubroto Mukherjee
15 First Indian Commander-in-Chief of IndiaGeneral Cariappa
 16First Indian Naval ChiefVice Admiral R D Katari
 17First Indian Pilot JRD Tata
 18First Indian to get Grammy Award Pandit Ravishankar
 19First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics CV Raman
 20First Indian to Receive Bharat Ratna AwardDr Radhakrishnan
21 First Indian to score triple century in Test CricketVirendra Sehwag
 22First Indian to swim across the English Channel Mihir Sen
 23First Indian to win Nobel PrizeRabindranath Tagore
 24First Judge of International Court of JusticeDr Nagendra Singh
 25First man to climb Mount Everest twiceNawang gombu
 26First man to climb Mt. EverestSherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
 27First man to draw the map on earthAnexemander
 28First man to fly an aeroplaneWrite Brothers
 29First man to go into space Major Yuri Gagarin
 30First man to hit double century in One Day International MatchSachin Tendulkar
 31First man to reach north poleRobert Peary
 32First man to reach south pole Ronald Amundsen
 33First man to set foot on the moon Neil Armstrong
 34First man to walk in spaceAlexia Leonov
 35First man to win Nobel prize for ChemistryJacobus Henricus van ‘t Hoff
 36First man to win Nobel prize for EconomicsRagnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen (Neth
 37First man to win Nobel prize for LiteratureSully Prudhomme
 38First man to win Nobel prize for MedicalEmil von Behring
 39First man to win Nobel Prize for PhysicsWilhelm Röntgen (Germany)
 40First Muslim President of IndiaDr Zakir Hussain
 41First person of Indian origin to get Nobel Prize in MedicineHargobind Khurana
 42First Person to get Param Vir ChakraMajor Somnath Sharma
 43First person to reach Mountt Everest without oxygenSherpa Anga Dorjee
 44First person to receive Jnanpith AwardG. Sankara Kurup
 45First person to receive Jnanpith AwardSir Shankar Kurup
 46First person to receive Magsaysay AwardAcharya Vinoba Bhave
 47First person to receive Stalin PrizeSaifuddin Kitchlew
 48First person to sail around the worldFerdinand Magellan
 49First person to stay in Rashtrapati BhawanLord Ircoin
 50First President of Indian RepublicDr. Rajendra Prasad
 51First President of the Republic of ChinaDr Sun Yat-Sen
 52First President of the U.S.A.George Washington
53 First Prime Minister of Great Britain Sir Robert Walpole
 54First Prime Minister of India who resigned before the full term Morarji Desai
 55First Russian (Soviet) Prime Minister tovisit IndiaNikolai Bulganin
 56First secretary general of United Nations Trygve Lie 
 57First UN Deputy Secretary GeneralLouise Frechette
 58Governor of Reserve Bank of India Sir Osborne smith
 59Governor-General of independent IndiaLord Lewis Mountbatten
 60India’s first man in spaceRakesh Sharma
 61Pakistan’s first Governor GeneralMahammed Ali Jinnah
 62President of National CongressVyomesh Chand Bannerjee
 63Sports person to receive Bhatat RatnaSachin Tendulkar
 64The First Indian to join ICSStyandra Nath Tagore
 65The First man to introduce printing press in indiaJames Hicky

List : First in World (Female) 

S.No    First in World FemaleName
 1First woman Air Vice MarshalP Bandopadhyaya
 2First woman Airline Pilot Durga Banerjee
 3First woman Ambassador CB Muthamma
 4First woman Asian Games Gold Medal WinnerKamaljit Sandhu
 5First woman chairman of Union Public Service CommissionRose Millian Bethew
 6First woman Chairperson of Indian Air LinesSushma Chawla
 7First woman Chief Minister of an Indian State Sucheta Kripalani
8First woman cosmonaut in spaceValentina Tereshkova (USSR)
 9First woman Director General of PoliceKanchan C Bhattacharya
 10First woman Director General of PoliceKanchan C Bhattacharya
 11First woman Governor of a State in free IndiaSarojini Naidu
 12First woman Honours GraduateKamini Roy
 13First woman in the world to cross the Strait of GibralterArti Pradhan
 14First woman IPS Officer Kiran Bedi
 15First woman JudgeAnna Chandy
 16First woman Judge in Supreme CourtFatima Beevi
 17First woman Lawyer Cornelia Sorabjee
 18First woman lieutenant GenaralPuneeta Arora
 19First woman Minister in GovernmentRajkumari Amrit Kaur
 20First woman Olympic Medal winnerKarnaam Malleshwari
 21First woman Pilot in Indian Air ForceHarita Kaur dayal
 22First woman President of a countryMaria Estela Peron
 23First woman President of Indian National CongressMrs Annie Besant
 24First woman President of UN General Assembly Vijaya Laxmi Pandit 
 25First woman Prime MinisterIndira Gandhi
 26First woman Prime Minister in the worldS Bhandar nayake 
 27First woman Prime Minister of any Muslim countryBenazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
 28First woman Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher
 29First woman space touristMrs Anousheh Ansari
 30First woman Speaker of a state AssemblyShanno Devi
 31First woman to become Miss WorldReita Faria
 32First woman to chair US Central Bank ‘ Federal Reserve’Janet Yellen
 33First woman to climb Mount EverestJunko Tabei (Japan)
 34First woman to climb Mount Everest twiceSantosh Yadav
 35First woman to cross English channelAarti Saha
 36First woman to reach Antarctica Caroline Michaelson
 37First woman to reach the North pole Mrs Fran Phipps
 38First woman to receive Ashoka ChakraNirja Bhanot
 39First woman to receive Bharat RatnaMrs Indira Gandhi
 40First woman to receive Jnanpith AwardAshapurna Devi
 41First woman to receive Noble PrizeMother Teresa
 42First woman to set foot on North pole Ann Bancroft, USA
 43First women chief Justice of High CourtLeela Seth

List of First in World (Other Categories) 

S.NoFirst in World Country 
1First City to be attacked with atom bomb Heroshima 
2First country to host the modern Olympic gamesGreece
3First Country to issue paper currency China
4First country to launch Artificial satellite in the spaceRussia
5First Country to make a constitutionUnited States of America
6First Country to make education compulsory Prussia
7First Country to Print BooksChina
8First country to send a man to the moonU.S.A.
9First country to send human to MoonUnited States of America
10First Country to Start Civil Services CompetitionChina
11First country to win the World Cup FootballUruguay (1930)
12First Space Ship landed on MarsViking-I (July.1976)
13First Space shuttle launched Columbia 
14The first country to host NAM summitBelgrade (Yugoslavia)

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