Historical Sources and Pre-Historic Period (English)

Historical Sources and Pre-Historic Period General Knowledge MCQ Questions Answers in English for SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, UPSC and all competitive exams. Selected from previous year exam question paper for free online practice.

Historical Sources and Pre-Historic Period

Qns 1 : Which one of the following is oldest Veda?

(a) Yajurveda
(b) Rigveda
(c) Samaveda
(d) Atharvaveda

Ans : (b) Rigveda

Qns.2 : The Rigveda is the

(a) collection of hymns.
(b) collection of stories.
(c) collection of words.
(d) text of war.

Ans : (a) collection of hymns.

Qns 3: ‘Ayurveda’ that is ‘Science of Life’ appeared first in

(a) Aranyaka
(b) Sunyaveda
(c) Yajurveda
(d) Atharvaveda

Ans : (d) Atharvaveda

Qns 4: King Aswapati of the Upanishadic period was the ruler of

(a) Kashi
(b) Kekaya
(c) Panchala
(d) Videha

Ans : (b) Kekaya

Qns 5: The ‘Manusmriti’ mainly deals with

(a) social order
(b) laws
(c) economics
(d) state-craft

Ans : (b) laws

Qns 6: In which language was the ‘Shrimad Bhagavad Gita’ originally written?

(a) Sanskrit
(b) Urdu
(c) Pali
(d) Hindi

Ans : (a) Sanskrit

Qns 7: Originally the Mahabharata was known as

(a) Brihatkatha
(b) Brahmins
(c) Brihatsamhita
(d) Jayasamhita

Ans : (d) Jayasamhita

Qns 8 : The number of Puranas is

(a) 16
(b) 18
(c) 19
(d) 21

Ans : (b) 18

Qns 9 : The earliest evidence of man in India is found in

(a) Nilgiri Hills
(b) Shiwalik Hills
(c) Nallamala Hills
(d) Narmada Valley

Ans : (d) Narmada Valley

Qns 10 : Which one of the following places is famous for pre-historic paintings?

(a) Ajanta
(b) Bhimbetka
(c) Bagh
(d) Amravati

Ans : (b) Bhimbetka

Qns 11 : Which of the following sites has yielded skeleton of the dog along with human skeleton in burial?

(a) Brahmagiri
(b) Burzahom
(c) Chirand
(d) Maski

Ans : (b) Burzahom

Qns 12 : Which one of the following periods is also known as Chalcolithic age?

(a) Old stone age
(b) New stone age
(c) Copper age
(d) Iron age

Ans : (c) Copper age

Qns 13 : In the Chalcolithic period people of Maharashtra buried their dead under the floor of their houses in the following orientation

(a) North to South position
(b) South to North position
(c) South to North position
(d) West to East position

Ans : (a) North to South position

Qns 14 : The ochre-coloured pottery was christened in

(a) Hastinapur
(b) Ahichatra
(c) Nuh
(d) Red Fort

Ans : (a) Hastinapur

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