Folk songs of Uttar Pradesh

The folk songs of Uttar Pradesh are unique to its people. These songs are celebrated all over the India through visiting peoples from Uttar Pradesh region. Many people from Uttar Pradesh are residing in different parts of India and World. This unique song form are conserved by this people all over the world.

In this blog we are presenting the names and details of folk songs .

  1. Bhajan
  2. Kajri
  3. Kaharwa
  4. Nauka Jhakkad
  5. Sohar

Folk songs of Uttar Pradesh


Folk songs of Uttar Pradesh

Bhajans are devotional songs and sung for the Hindu deities like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and others.


This song is celebrated on Teej and Sawan. This song is sing near the start of monsoon. It talks about the beauty of ecology, the black cloud and thunder. It celebrates the beauty of nature and longing of a beloved and separation of loved ones.


It is practised in the near region of Ganges and Yamuna. This song describes the everyday problems, love, romance and social issues. Kaharwa taal is having an eight-beat cycle.

Nauka Jhakkad

It is sung during Boat race and during river activities. Nauka Jhakkad means Rocking the Boat .


This song as well as dance is performed for the celebration of the birth of a child. In this women typically make a circle and dance along the circle on the rhythm of dholak and song. Song is orated by women. It is symbol of unity, tradition and celebrating a new life.

Thank you for visiting this blog we have presented here Folk songs of Uttar Pradesh. This interesting music is giving Uttar Pradesh people delightful experience as well as devotional nature that brings people near goodness and God. All of this are the needs that have been provided with songs for creating awareness as well as followers devotionally.

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