Gajraj Corps of Indian Army Conducts Joint Flood Relief Exercise in Assam, Demonstrating Preparedness and Coordination

  1. Gajraj Corps of the Indian Army conducted a Joint Flood Relief ‘Exercise Jal Rahat’ at Hagrama Bridge on Manas River, Assam in May 2023.
  2. The exercise aimed to validate joint drills and coordinate preparedness by multi-agency flood relief columns.
  3. Participants in the exercise included the Indian Army, SSB, NDRF, SDRF, DDMA, and police representatives.
  4. The exercise involved coordination and rehearsals for rescue missions in inundated areas using specialist teams from the Army, NDRF, and SDRF.
  5. The flood relief columns practiced the use of innovative expedients and demonstrated the use of local resources during flood situations.
  6. The event was witnessed by senior dignitaries from the Army, Civil, CAPF, DC Offices, Bongaigaon & Chirang, and SSB.
  7. The Indian Army has been actively involved in flood relief operations and has evacuated thousands of lives in such situations over the years.

Question: Which Indian Army Corps conducted the Joint Flood Relief Exercise ‘Jal Rahat’ in Assam?
a) Brahmastra Corps
b) Chetak Corps
c) Gajraj Corps
d) Veer Corps
Answer: c) Gajraj Corps

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