General Science GK MCQ (English)


#1. _______ is the structural and functional unit of kidney.

#2. Which of the following is the application of science such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering to matters of law and to the identification of various facts of civilian investigation ?

#3. Electron-volt is a unit of ____.

#4. Which of the following has the same dimension as that of linear momentum ?

#5. Which of the following is a process in which hot, less dense materials rise upward and are replaced by colder, more dense materials ?

#6. with what do you divide thrust in a liquid to obtain the value of pressure?

#7. An elastic wave generated by an impulse such as an earthquake or an explosion is called-

#8. Who among the following was the founder of Homeopathy?

#9. Which of the following is NOT used to make toothpaste?

#10. Lymph is a light fluid made up of white blood cells that attack harmful ________ in the blood.

#11. Which of the following is not an out come of endogenic forces?

#12. How many arties are there in an umbilical cord?

#13. Viscoss fibre is obtained from____

#14. For a wave ,wavelenght divided by the time period is equal to:

#15. Carbon and energy requirements of an autotrophic organism are fulfilled by__

#16. Which part of the body is associated with the rickets disorder ?

#17. Helogens have ________ electrons in their outermost shells.

#18. Which of the following diseases is caused by a parasite ?

#19. Which of the following is a water-soluble vitamin ?

#20. ______ is a branch of biology that studies fungi.

#21. The elements of the groups 3 to 12 are called ____ elements or transition elements.

#22. Of the known elements in the periodic table, only____ are gases under normal atmospheric conditions.

#23. Which of the following is one of the metals used in LED semiconductor technology ?

#24. Qns : Which of the following is measured in the unit called Gauss?

#25. Qns : Which of the following pigments causes the red colour in onions?


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