History GK MCQ (English)


#1. Who among the following was one of the founders of the Hindustan Republic Association ?

#2. Who among the following replaced Morarji Desai as the Prime Minister of India in 1979 ?

#3. Which of the following statements about Swami Dayanand Saraswati is INCORRECT ?

#4. Who among the following had written kitab-ul-Hind that gave an incisive description of early 11th Century India ?

#5. In which of the following years was the second Round Table Conference in London held ?

#6. In which of the following years was the Mughal empire established by Babur ?

#7. The Mysore Palace was the residence of the _______.

#8. Veer Surendra Sai was a freedom fighter form:

#9. Who among the following assassinated Sir William Hutt Curzon Wyllie in London ?

#10. Chandernagore (Chandannagar) was a ______ colony captured by the British Navy on 23 March 1757.

#11. Which of the following Buddhist sites is located in Uttar Pradesh ?

#12. The Sun Temple of Odisha was built in the 12th Century AD by which of the following emperors ?

#13. Who among the following was the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1947 ?

#14. Which of the following is a work on statecraft written by Krishnadevaraya ?

#15. Who among the following was the first Indian to Unfurl the tricolour on foreign land ?

#16. Who among the following had written the book 'Char Chaman', during the reign of Shah Jahan, describing the Mughal nobility ?

#17. The place of Gautama Buddha's birth was a grove known as ______.

#18. ______ organised his trusted nobles into a group of forty known as Turkan-i-chahalgani.

#19. Swami Vivekananda established Ramakrishna Mission in the year ______.

#20. Champaran Satyagraha was launched in which of the following years?

#21. Qns : Who among the following was NOT a ruler of the Kushana dynasty?

#22. Qns : Which Mughal emperor built the city called Makhsudabad later popularly known as Murshidabad?


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