History GK MCQ (English)


#1. The Home Rule League was started by:

#2. The capital of Yadava kings was:

#3. The term ‘Upanishad’ literally implies?

#4. Qns : Which Mughal emperor built the city called Makhsudabad later popularly known as Murshidabad?

#5. Which was the backbone of Indus Economy?

#6. Which one of the following was the book written by Amoghvarsha the Rashtrakuta King?

#7. Which of the following was the early capital of the Rashtrakutas?

#8. Who was the first Indian to become member of British Parliament?

#9. The man behind the first railway line in India was:

#10. Gandhiji’s famous Quit India Movement call to the British was given in ?:

#11. Pancha Siddhantham of Varahamihira deals with?

#12. The religion which propagated the desire is the cause of all the miseries, it is related to which religion?

#13. Who built the Kailasanatha Temple at Ellora?

#14. India became independent during the viceroyalty of:

#15. Who among the following from the first cabinet of independent India was responsible for mass religious conversion?

#16. Who among the following was the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1947 ?

#17. Where did Alexander and Porus fight?

#18. Find the odd one?

#19. What is known as Jain literature?

#20. Who among the following Portuguese captured Goa?


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