Geography GK MCQ (English)

Indian Geography GK MCQ Questions in English for the preparation of UPSC, SSC, Bank and all competitive exams.


#1. In which case has the Green Revolution been the most successful in India so far?

#2. The humidity of air depends on?

#3. Which of the following the country does not share land boundary with India?

#4. Which State called the ‘Rice- Bowl’ of India?

#5. Where is Kanchenjunga Located?

#6. Indian Standard Time relates to?

#7. Which of the following is the main cause of deforestation in Asia?

#8. What is the longest mountain range in the world above sea-level?

#9. The climatic zones are classified on the basis of?

#10. A channel of canal where water is forced to flow against the slope of land by upliftment is called ______

#11. Which is the longest mountain chain on Earth?

#12. Which of the following soil have the attributes of cracks and shrinks in dry condition?

#13. Select the correct direction of Sirocco storm?

#14. In which Ocean is the Melanesian Islands located?

#15. Which one of the following is the longest river of the Peninsular India?

#16. ______ National Park is in Ladakh.

#17. _____ is Created by the collision of Convergent plate boundaries.

#18. Which of the following is considered a cash crop in India?

#19. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about?

#20. The Kharif crops are harvested in?


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Top 20 Geography : One Liner

  1. What is the highest mountain peak in India? Answer: Kanchenjunga.
  2. Which river is known as the “Lifeline of India”? Answer: Ganges.
  3. Which is the largest freshwater lake in India? Answer: Wular Lake.
  4. Which is the largest desert in India? Answer: Thar Desert.
  5. Which state in India is known as the “Land of Five Rivers”? Answer: Punjab.
  6. What is the southernmost point of the Indian mainland called? Answer: Kanyakumari.
  7. Which is the largest delta in India? Answer: Sundarbans Delta.
  8. Which state in India has the highest forest cover? Answer: Madhya Pradesh.
  9. Which is the longest river in India? Answer: Ganges.
  10. Which is the largest national park in India? Answer: Hemis National Park.
  11. Which state in India is known for its backwaters? Answer: Kerala.
  12. Which is the largest saltwater lake in India? Answer: Chilika Lake.
  13. Which state in India is famous for the Kaziranga National Park? Answer: Assam.
  14. What is the highest plateau in India called? Answer: Deccan Plateau.
  15. Which is the driest place in India? Answer: Leh in Ladakh region.
  16. Which state in India has the highest number of tiger reserves? Answer: Madhya Pradesh.
  17. What is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh? Answer: Lucknow.
  18. Which state in India is known as the “Spice Garden of India”? Answer: Kerala.
  19. Which is the largest river island in India? Answer: Majuli in Assam.
  20. Which state in India is known for its hill stations like Shimla and Manali? Answer: Himachal Pradesh.

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