IIT Bombay’s SHUNYA bagged the 2nd position in the ‘Solar Decathlon’ Build Challenge in the US.

  • The SHUNYA (Sustainable Housing for Urbanizing Nation by its Young Aspirants) team from IIT Bombay secured second place in the Solar Decathlon Build Challenge in the United States.
  • The team designed an innovative zero-energy house to address air quality challenges in Mumbai’s hot and humid climate.
  • The house has a 14-kW solar PV Plant and an advanced in-house automation system to control the dehumidifier system designed for coastal regions.
  • The house is highly water-efficient, consuming nearly 80% less water than a regular house, thanks to its water efficiency fixtures, recycling system, and rainwater harvesting system.
  • The SHUNYA team comprises more than 50 students from various engineering, architectural, and management backgrounds from more than 16 departments of IIT Bombay.
  • The SHUNYA team was the only team representing India in the competition out of 32 teams from across the world.

Qns : What position did the IIT Bombay’s SHUNYA team take in the Solar Decathlon Build Challenge in the US?

(A) Fifth position
(B) Eight position
(C) Third position
(D) Second position

Ans : (D) Second position

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