India Rejects China’s Attempt to Rename Places in Arunachal Pradesh

On 4 April 2023, Indian Ministry of External Affairs has issued a statement rejecting China’s attempt to assign new names to several places in Arunachal Pradesh. According to official spokesperson Arindam Bagchi, this is not the first time China has made such an effort, and India outright rejects it. Bagchi emphasized that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral and inalienable part of India, and assigning invented names to the region will not change this reality. The statement was made in response to media reports that China had renamed 11 locations in Arunachal Pradesh.

Questions : What is the Indian government’s response to China’s attempt to assign new names to places in Arunachal Pradesh?

a) India welcomes China’s move
b) India acknowledges China’s move but remains neutral
c) India rejects China’s move
d) India seeks dialogue with China to resolve the issue

Answer: c) India rejects China’s move.

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