Indian government selects 140,000 pilgrims for Haj through digital selection process; Largest-ever contingent of women without male guardians to undertake pilgrimage

  1. The Indian government has selected 140,000 pilgrims for Haj this year through the Random Digital Selection process, out of a total of 184,000 applications received.
  2. Over 10,000 of the selected pilgrims are above the age of 70.
  3. A quota of over 175,000 pilgrims has been allotted to India this year, with nearly 35,000 quotas given to private operators.
  4. Medical insurance is mandatory for all pilgrims to ensure health and protection from any mishap.
  5. This year, the largest-ever contingent of over 4,000 women without a male guardian (Mehram) will undertake the Haj pilgrimage.
  6. Saudi Arabia hosts around 25 to 30 lakh Haj pilgrims from across the globe each year to visit Makkah, with India sending the third-largest contingent of pilgrims.
  7. The Ministry of Minority Affairs has taken several initiatives to make Haj pilgrimage more comfortable, convenient, and affordable for Indian pilgrims, including reducing the Haj package costs by around 50,000 rupees under the new Haj Policy.
  8. The Ministry has collaborated with State Bank of India to provide a cashless facility to Haj pilgrims during Haj, with the bank providing FOREX cards to all the pilgrims to eliminate the possibility of theft or loss of physical currency

Question: Under the new Haj Policy how much is the reduction in Haj pilgrimage package?
a) Rs 40000
b) Rs 50000
c) Rs 100000
d) Rs 200000

Answer: b) Rs 50000

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