Indian Railways Achieves Record Performance in Freight Business in FY 2022-23, Expected to Exceed Rs 2 Lakh Cr Mark in Combined Revenues

  1. Indian Railways achieves record performance in Freight Business in FY 2022-23
  2. Originating Freight loading reaches 1512 MT, an increase of 94 MT from last year, with 7% growth rate
  3. NTKM (Net tonne Kilometre) grew by 10% to reach 903 Bn NTKMs, which is the highest ever
  4. Coal loading increases by 84 MT with a growth rate of 17.3%, while automobile loading grows by 65%
  5. Indian Railways achieves growth in almost all commodity segments with the highest growth rate in Coal, followed by Fertilizer and Cement & Clinker
  6. Passenger business increased by more than 80% to reach 623 Cr, and Passenger revenues are expected to exceed Rs 60,000 Cr with growth of more than 60% over last year
  7. Gross Freight revenues are expected to be more than Rs 1.6 Lakh Cr with a growth rate of ~14%, and combined revenues expected to exceed Rs 2.2 Lakh Cr for the first time

Question : What is the growth rate of the NTKM (Net tonne Kilometre) of Indian railways in FY 2022-23?

a) 10%
b) 7%
c) 14%
d) 6.7%

Answer: a) 10%

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